The inaugural #monthlytechniquecollab challenge was capturing splash. Have you tried to capture splash? It takes quite a bit of technique to freeze the splash mid-air!


Monochrome photography is the presentation of a single hue of one color in different shades, and is much more challenging to create than it seems!


Moody photography involves using light, tones, and shadows to create a particular mood that often involves dim, directional lighting.


Often within food photography the focus is on just the food and not how we enjoy the food with others, so the goal of this theme is to capture the social experience surrounding the meals we create!


Hard Light is the technique of using natural or artificial light to create an image with distinct and clear shadows. This works beautifully with drinks.


Zoom Photography is basically a close up shot of the food. This can be achieved by using a macro lens or being close to the subject. The focus here is to capture the details of the subject.


Stop motion is a photography technique in which the subject is moved around in between static photographs to give the appearance of movement once the frames are stitched together. 


Process Photography is meant to showcase food in its most basic form, which basically captures the process of creating a dish. It is like taking a step back and highlighting the process of cooking instead of a completed dish or recipe


Placing the subject in the middle of the light and the camera. This creates a certain glow effect at the edges or at the back of the subject.