Stop motion food photography

Updated: Aug 11, 2020

July's monthly technique challenge - STOP MOTION FOOD PHOTOGRAPHY. And oh how everyone answered the call...we had so many amazing posts for this challenge, and some truly talented finalists and winners. S here's a recap of the month:

Let's get started...what is stop motion anyhow?

Stop motion creates a video-like, illusion of movement through a series of images strung together. Think picture flip book. Remember when you were a kid and you'd flip through the pages of a picture book really fast and the images pulled together looking like a moving scene? Yeah this is basically that, but done digitally through Photoshop.

Some of our favorite and most used resources...

We are all about resources at FCC. A good guide or tutorial can make or break anybody's confidence and ability to complete a challenge outside of their comfort zone. Here is a few we love and conisder go-to guides for stop motion food photography:

FCC team member Kirby Meckler's YouTube video couldn't be simpler or more accessible for anybody trying out stop mo for the first time.

Rachel Korinek of Two Loves Studio, shares some great tips for creating GIFs and getting the most out of photoshop. Check out the video below:

And Joanie Simon of The Bite Shot, our food photography hero who has taught all of us so much also has a great video on stop motion

Our finalists and winners

This challenge really brought out some amazing and creative stop motion videos. The use of different foods, props, hands in the shot, colors and backdrops was inspirational!

Here are our winners and finalists:

Julia from @paddock2pixel

Julia left her desk job two years ago, went to culinary school and have been learning food photography ever since, slowly turning it into a little business.

"This stop motion video was the second one I ever tried, and because my first one was rather choppy, my goal here was to make this one really smooth. Planned out the position of everything, then moved things into frame, one inch at a time. 130 frames in total, 9 frames per second."

Rita from @rita.giaquinta

Rita has loved baking for years, but only recently got passionate about food photography.

"I enjoy so much the many chances I have to express emotions through food and pictures at the same time. The first shot I planned was a tart pacman, in July 2019. I thought to use the stop motion challenge to make my 'Pac-tart' move!"

Vyoma from @toomunchonmyplate

Toomunchonmyplate began out of Vyoma's love for food, and working with vibrant, fresh and healthy ingredients. Food has always been close to herheart and to share it with people brings a smile to her face.

"I live in Mumbai and this stop-mo is inspired by the torrential rains of Mumbai and a bucket of delicious salted butter popcorns."

Bekah from @theedgewoodbaker

Bekah is an artisan breadmaker and food photographer.

"Stop motions are a great way to add life to a series of photos without actually recording a video. They hone in on a small action and bring a little playfulness and whimsy to it. Because it’s a series of photos and not a video, it’s also easy to create “magic” like an object disappearing. Have fun with it!"

Mariam from @mariamhandy

Mariam is an Egyptian born food stylist and photographer. Cooking was always her passion since she was young so after getting her architecture degree, she switched careers and did a master degree in culinary arts as well as started working in a branding agency. She now is the brand director in that agency as well as works on her own as a freelance food stylist, photographer and consultant.

Mojca from @mojcaklepec

Mojka is a food photographer from Slovenia and a Pink Lady Food Photographer 2020 finalist.

Mark and Jane from @friar_stu

Stu can’t cook but his humans Mark and Jayne sure try to.

Riham from @foodoshoot_by_riham

Riham is a huge foodie and who finds food photogenic and thinks every moment of it is really enjoyable.

"I love to capture that moment, that split of a second of pure joy that is usually missed by the naked eye."

Riham's video came out straight of her fairy tale where everything is possible.

"I wanted to showcase my favorite moment of eating Icecream, which ofcourse is drizzling a sauce on top of it."

Jill from @jleestudio9

Jill is a food photographer living in Northern California. She tries to capture food as a means to inspire, to educate and to honor the life force it provides us. 

"My love of photography goes back to my youth where I first learned how to use a camera. I’m always wanting to learn new things and this GIF was the second I’ve ever made. It was so fun."

When she's not taking photos, Jill can be found teaching nutrition, cooking for wine country guests, dabbling in her many hobbies or just hanging out in her garden.

Jena from @littlerustedladle

Jena is commerical, food and lifestyle photographer. She shares top tips for photography, styling events, farmhouse projects and recipes.

"Images hold the magic of capturing a moment in time. Being a photographer has been my life’s path since the very beginning…"

Vindi from @vindiskitchen

Vindi is a serious hobby baker, a passionate foodie and a devotee of sourdough.

"In my kitchen, food walk the red carpet."

Ana from @whenyourehungryandyouknowit

Ana is a food photographer and recipe developer focusing on gluten soy, garlic and onion free recipes.

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