Updated: May 16, 2020

Food Photographer & Blogger

Meet the Team!

Meet Nina from Two Sisters Living Life!

Put simply, Nina is three things: extremly creative, passionate/ambitious, and good humoured. Nina runs Two Sisters Living Life together with her younger sister Antonia. They live in Austria and she practically raised her little sis, so they have a very special bond. She loves cooking and experimenting with different ingredients and has a food blog with all the recipes she and her sister create. Her family always jokes that one day her kitchen will blow up but 99 out of 100 times her recipes turn out delicious! Nina only found her passion for photography recently in Fall of 2018, and it is obvious from her pictures that she truly has the talent for it. She is one of those people who only stops taking pictures when she has "THE“ shot.

Check out a few of Nina's recent photos here and visit Two Sisters Living Life for more!

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