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Meet Monique from @peaches2peaches!! Monique is NYC born and raised, with family roots from the South, which has deeply influenced her cooking and baking. Her blog name, @peaches2peaches was created to pay homage to her grandmother, the inspiration to her baking, who was famous for her southern peach cobbler. She is a wife and mother of two who started her blog 2 years ago while on a leave from her Social Work career and was a stay at home mom at the time. She has always loved to cook and bake for family, friends & colleagues, so starting her blog was a no brainer. And her blog initiated her love for food photography and styling.

Meet Angela from @cooking_with_wine! Angela is a Texas-based food photographer and blogger. She and her husband, Mark, created the Cooking with Wine Blog to share their passion for cooking and baking, and of course wine! They often try to use unique ingredients in their recipes and can be seen almost every night on stories cooking up some kind of delicious meal in their home kitchen! Their love for food from around the world has given them the travel bug, so they try to travel as much as possible to explore the foods of different cultures and recreate their favorite dishes at home.


Meet Kirby from @leisurefanclub! Kirby is a Los Angeles based food photographer, stylist and recipe developer with a slight obsession with travel and adventure. She originally started learning about food photography after starting a blog and realizing that taking good pictures of food is a lot harder than it looks. Somewhere along the way, she fell in love with it. Eventually, she decided to seal the deal for life by spinning it into a career.

Meet Doaa from @asoulfulkitchen! Doaa is an Egyptian born, NYC-raised mom of three who found food photography through her love of cooking. Flipping through and trying cookbook and magazine recipes was always a hobby and a way she de-stressed, and after cofounding an organic spice blend company, she tried her hand at taking the photos for her company’s recipes. Despite photojournalism training, she quickly realized how much skill food photography took, and she was hooked on the challenge! Doaa is drawn to images with color, richness and texture, and breads are her favorite thing to photograph!


Anu Meha

Meet Anu from! Anu is a free spirited person that appreciates simplicity, and she is very social and very lovable. She has a very positive attitude towards people and the world in general. Anu has a beautiful family and the best bunch of friends anyone could ask for. She has an innate need to please those around her, and she loves having people over and cooking for them! Food is Anu's passion, something that gives her peace in the most difficult of times and she is here to share her journey with you through beautiful handwritten recipes!

Meet Dora from @mgracebakeshop

After working as a pastry chef in New York and San Francisco, Dora started her cottage bakery out of her home in Cleveland. She wanted to take better pictures of her pastries so she enrolled in an online photography course and fell in love with food photography and styling. She is now working full time as a food photographer/stylist and recipe developer. When Dora is not in the kitchen you can find her on her yoga mat. She lives in Ohio with her dietitian husband, two beautiful daughters and a cat named Cheddar.

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Meet Ashley @plate_and_pen! Sheʼs our resident Cajun, born and raised in southern Louisiana but now lives in Cleveland, Ohio. Sheʼs heavily influenced by Cajun cuisine and never shies away from using the trinity in pretty much everything. She doesnʼt have any kids, but she tells us her house plants are thriving. When Ashley isnʼt food blogging and taking mostly zoomed in photos of her mostly savory but also sweet creations, sheʼs at her full time job as a Graphic Designer for Cleveland Clinic. Sheʼs been a designer for 15 years, but only recently started food photography a little over a year ago. Her style is pretty recognizable, that Cajun zooms in on everything. She also writes some funny captions with a “le tired” point of view, which plays into her blog and IG name even more. Go check out her page for delicious recipes, and some Cajun ones too!

Meet Nina and Antonia from @twosisterslivinglife! Put simply, Nina is three things: extremly creative, passionate/ambitious, and good humoured. Nina runs @twosisterslivinglife together with her younger sister Antonia. They live in Austria and she practically raised her little sis, so they have a very special bond. She loves cooking and experimenting with different ingredients and has a food blog with all the recipes she and her sister create. Her family always jokes that one day her kitchen will blow up but 99 out of 100 times her recipes turn out delicious! Nina only found her passion for photography recently in Fall of 2018, and it is obvious from her pictures that she truly has the talent for it. She is one of those people who only stops taking pictures when she has "THE“ shot.


Meet Savya from @wickedlywhisked! When it comes to cooking or baking, she is self-taught with enormous help virtually (she shamelessly admits to many hours of Facetime with her mom while cooking/baking). Over time, she has realized that baking calms her when she is super stressed. Or maybe its the sugar that is the cure! 😉

Savya's boys are her world! Her husband is extremely supportive and keeps the little one away when she is busy creating magic in the kitchen. She runs a home-based baking business and has realized the importance of featuring savory food regularly on her feed, because she equally loves sweet and savory food! Check out her page for desserts that she sells and other recipes from her kitchen!


Meet Arunita from @hotnserved! Arunita is an India-based food photographer and recipe developer. After leaving her job and moving to the US with her husband she started cooking and discovering the world of food photography and immediately fell in love . She loves to bake and according to her friends she's pretty awesome with her dessert making skills. Right now she's working on her blog and going to launch it soon where you can find several Indian traditional recipes along with all her baking experiments.


Mandy Bonneau

Meet Mandy from @bonbonbakedMandy has always had a passion for baking, and would bake with her mom as a child. Being British, Mandy loves making classic British cakes/bakes, but since meeting her French husband, she's ventured into patisserie. Additionally, Mandy raises her own chickens and enjoys gardening, and she loves using her own home-grown fruits/veggies in her creations! Instagram has really helped her tap into her creative side and her photographer husband has helped her progress in the food photography world. Mandy's favorite thing about Instagram is the inspiration she gets from this talented community!

Meet Shilpa from @some_indian_girl

Shilpa was born and raised on the East coast with Indian family roots.  She grew up eating and learning to make delicious Indian food from her Mom and now enjoys fusing Eastern and Western flavors to come up with new dishes. Shilpa works full time in finance, has a side business of her own and has fallen in love with food photography over the past year. She has always wanted to capture her family’s recipes in a beautiful homemade cook book and that is where the obsession with learning to take great photos began.


Kristen Shell

Meet Kristen from @currentlykristen! Kristen is a self-taught commercial photographer/stylist, and still can’t believe she gets to work with food for a living. Especially dessert! Her clients include Tates cookies, Coolhaus ice cream, Partake Foods, Alden’s Organic ice cream, and more. She is the co-founder and Chief Creative Officer of the Los Angeles marketing and creative studio, Hart & Highland, and lives by the beach with her amazing husband CJ and two kiddos, Wyatt and Beau. 


Meet Katie from @katethebaker! Katie is a Chicago-based, born and bred food blogger and food photographer.  She started her baking blog in 2014 and quickly realized two big things. One, it can't just be about baking, she loves to cook way too much. And two, that she needed to up her photography game! After some photog class time and ALOT of practice, she found she loves the photography aspect as much as she loves the cooking and baking. She lives a crazy busy life with five kids and a husband, but wouldn't change a thing. And her family is as crazy about her food blog as she is, mostly because of all they get to eat!


Meet Larisa from @edibleartphotography ! Larisa has always loved everything about food: making it, sharing it, eating it, and learning about it. She got into baking while in graduate school to help cope with stress and the baking bug stuck around even after graduation. Last summer, Larisa finally got tired of how evening kitchen counter photos of her treats were not doing them justice and decided to learn a few things about food photography. It quickly became her favorite hobby! When she's not making treats for her friends or sneaking veggies into her kids and husband, Larisa is obsessively reading about and watching photography tutorials.

Meet Alessandra from @a.modo_mio ! Alessandra is an Italian food blogger and her feed is Italian food goals! You will find the most delicious Italian food, in particular homemade pasta, and Italian stories on her feed. She enjoys cooking and teaching others to make pasta, while reminiscing on all the stories her grandma told her as a child over hours of pasta-making together. Besides food and stories, food photography is another big passion for her. In July 2017, she created her blog A Modo Mio to share the amazing Italian food she cooks at home.